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Leaking concrete | finlock gutters. What are my options on combating leaks?

Most of the calls we receive regarding finlock | concrete gutters are from homeowners at their wits end.

Bombarded with options on how to combat the problem of leaking finlock | concrete gutter systems, with each one claiming to be the answer to their problems.

Aluminium liners for failing concrete | finlock gutters
Confused about how to deal with leaking concrete gutters?

There are a number of lining systems on the market. Lets take a minute to look at them..

We supply and install aluminium liners, which are measured on location and pressed into the exact profile of your concrete gutter system. Vast lengths can be installed across multiple properties without the need for a join.

We have been contracted by a number of councils to install our system on local authority homes with finlock | concrete gutter systems for 7 years straight.

Vast lengths of aluminium pressed on location
Our aluminium gutter lining system

Our system is a cost effective option and suffers non of the pitfalls of other lining systems.

The advice we offer our clients is to consider the following:

  • Divide the cost of the service by the years for which it is guaranteed

  • Compare the features of each product/material

  • Look at the history of the company and its directors- Companies house is a good tool and will highlight a string of failed companies.

Below is a comparison for each of the available lining systems:

Aluminium gutter liners for leaking concrete | finlock gutters
Compare the features and benefits of gutter lining systems

A visual representation of other lining systems failing

Leaking finlock gutters
Leaking concrete gutters

Leaking finlock gutters
Layered applications insufficient and reducing the volume of water the gutter can hold

For more information on the aluminium lining service, head over to our Concrete Gutter Page by hitting the button below:

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