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June 2023 Having a heat wave :)

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

We love working in the sun, but thought this would be an ideal time to offer advice on how our ever changing weather conditions can affect your gutter system.

At an increasing rate we are finding ourselves booked to replace conventional PVC gutter systems that are only a few years old.

With temperatures and weather conditions changing every few days, excessive heating and cooling plays havoc with PVC gutter systems. These changes cause the gutter to expand and constrict rapidly. Resulting in warping, popped joins and/or cracks in the material.

Warping will prevent water reaching the down pipes and overspilling.

Joint failure often becomes a long term problem with good money thrown after bad, as the new join pops another along the line.

Lesser issues are colour fade, with new replacement parts difffering in shade from the origional faded goods.

Its worth considering that PVC will constrict between 0.4%- 1.0% over its lifetime which will be increased on sections that are south facing.

Our seamless aluminium gutter systems elleviate all of the pitfalls of PVC and have other benefits too:

  1. Minimal joins (corners and ends only)

  2. Larger profile than the largest deepflow PVC system, so has a greater capacity during heavy down pours

  3. Will never fade, chip, crack, expand or constrict- no painting required in a few years time.

  4. Available in nine powercoated RAL/BS colours.

  5. Enviromentally friendly- Aluminium is endlessly recyclable :)

  6. Cost affective! Seamless systems are the lowest in cost of all aluminium gutter systems available. Enevitably this roofline is slightly more expensive than PVC however; it will last in excess of 30 years in urban/suburban conditions and excess of 20 years in marine environments.

  7. You can also take off labour costs for repairs or access if the gutters are hard to reach, as repairs are required scarcely.

  8. 20 year no quibble quarantee with every installation.

  9. Leaf guard protection for the added benefit of a low maintenance roofline.

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