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Let's talk metals...

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

We will only ever supply and install aluminium rainwater systems. Let's run through the reasons why...

A quick look at the properties of the most commonly used metals in the manufacturing of rainwater goods:

Iron gutter systems can have a similar appearance to aluminium, however: it is a very different material.

Whilst manufacturers will boast long life spans iron is a reactive metal. A simple recipe of water and oxygen can cause rusting, which in turn can result in corrosion and cracking.

At worst the product will fail, at best rusting will leave you with rust stained walls or render.

Steel is widely used in the manufacturing of gutter systems as its properties are similar to aluminium with regards to strength and versatility.

Aluminium is a clear winner again in the category of reactivity.

Like iron, steel is prone to rusting and corrosion . Steel requires a coating or treatment at mill finish to slow this inevitable reaction.

The winning properties of aluminium:

Corrosion resistant and rust free product material at mill finish (prior to any coatings). The gutter systems we supply and install are additionally powder coated in a number of RAL and BS colours which affords additional protection to the bare metal too.

Will never rust, chip, crack, expand or constrict in changing weather conditions.

A malleable product with greater elasticity than steel and iron.

Tensile strength increases in cold conditions compared to steel and iron which become brittle

Each metal has different properties that are perfect for a wide selection of uses, for us aluminium is a clear winner for rain water systems.

We provide 20 year guarantees with every installation and will only use products that allow us to confidently offer our clients this assurance.

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