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Confused about which aluminium gutter product to go for?

You are not alone..

So you've decided you want a gutter system made to last, or maybe aluminium has been specified–here's everything you will ever need to know about the subject.

Our Ultimate Guide to aluminium gutter systems, their features, benefits and involved costs

With an array of aluminium gutter systems on the market, it is easy to overspend or opt for a system that could be incorrect for your project.

Scrolling though all of the available options doesn't give you an insight into the pro's and cons of each system.

This blog is here to offer tips and advice on each, from those that install aluminium rainwater goods on a daily basis.

Lets take a look at each

#1: Cast, Sectional Aluminium Gutter

#2: Extruded, Sectional Aluminium Gutter

#3: Seamless Aluminium Gutter


#1: Cast, Sectional Aluminium Gutter

Cast aluminium gutters are made by the process of pouring molten/liquid aluminium into casts.

These systems are the go to for listed building that require a pitted finish to replicate original cast iron gutters. The pitted (orange peel) finish can only be created by casting aluminium. The gauge of aluminium is the heaviest of all aluminium gutter systems-making it the most costly. (approximately 5mm thick)

Cast aluminium gutters can be powder coated to any RAL or BS colour and finished in satin or high gloss. They are available in up to 3 meter lengths and require joining parts.

They are available in a smooth finish too, but if you are looking to save a little on a sectional aluminium gutter system, opt for extruded sectional...see #2

#2: Extruded, Sectional Aluminium Gutter

Extruded, sectional aluminium gutters are extruded in a manufacturing facility and powder coated to order.

Extruded, sectional aluminium gutters, are very similar in appearance to cast, however; are only available in a smooth finish.

The system can be powder coated in any RAL or BS colour, but is a marginally lighter product at approximately 3mm thick. The longest available length is 3 linear meters, with joining required.

The lighter gauge has implications on the purchase price, making it a cost effective option alternative to cast gutter systems.

Seamless gutters are extruded on site, from aluminium coil. We use roll forming machinery on board our vehicles to create bespoke gutter lengths.

The profile of a seamless aluminium gutter system is very similar in appearance to a smooth cast or extruded sectional gutter system. The key differences are that it is:

  • Lightweight, between 0.7/0.9mm thick

  • Extruded on site (vast lengths with joins on corners or stop ends only)

  • Eco friendly- minimal waste generated and endlessly recyclable.

  • Available in 9 powder coated RALs

  • Fast and efficient installation, reduces labour costs.

  • The most cost effective aluminium gutter system available.

Seamless aluminium gutters are ideal for any building, but especially so when access is an issue. The minimal joins drastically reduce the likelihood of leaks in the future-and who wants to pay twice for scaffold or towers to fix a filing gutter join?

It also has a compatible leaf guards systems, which reduce the need to scale a ladder and clean as frequently.


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