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Concrete Finlock gutter repairs Stevenage Hertfordshire

Finlock | Concrete gutter repairs Stevenage, Hertfordshire

" I had my concrete gutters lined 2 years ago by Gutters4u Ltd to prevent a leak that had affected a bedroom wall. From quote to completion they provided an efficient and professional service. Most importantly the fix was effective immediately"

Marion 2019

Concrete Finlock gutter lining Stevenage Hertfordshire UK
How to fix concrete gutters Stevenage Hertfordshire UK

" Gutters4u were an outstanding company to deal with. Mine was only a small job but they went to great lengths to organise everything at a competitive price. The workmen carried out the gutter lining quickly and skilfully"

Chloe 2021

About us...

We supply and install profiled aluminium liners to sit neatly within the failing concrete gutters. 

Aluminium lining has many unique qualities that are lacking in other available systems and is a far more effective option, that isn't as costly as some might lead you to believe. 

Below are some of the key points: 

  • Our teams can profile vast lengths of aluminium coil to fit the exact shape of the concrete | finlock gutter.

  • This method allows us to create a vast water tight lengths with joins on the property boarder or corners only.

  • The aluminium will never chip, crack, flake, expand or constrict. which greatly reduces any possible points of ingress in the future. We can install across multiple properties without the need for join too. 

  • Unlike 'wet applications' such as bitumen and fibreglass we do not need to wait for the system to dry and it will not crack in changing weather conditions. 

  • There is no need for problematic 'layering up' which we often find with felt, bitumen or fiberglass systems. When they fail, more product is applied on top-creating a build up and reducing the overall volume of water the gutters can hold, this can also adversely affect flow to the rainwater pipe-posing a whole a new set of problems 


For more information head over to our Finlock gutter page or check out our Frequently asked questions 

Finlock gutter repair Stevenage Hertfordshire UK

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Finlock gutter lining Stevenage Hertfordshire UK
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