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Seamless aluminium guttering Systems : 

The features and benefits


Gutters4u primarily supply and install 5 and 6 inch Ogee seamless aluminium guttering. This is our go to roofline, as we believe in installing quality bespoke aluminium rainwater goods at a reasonable price.


Seamless gutter systems are created by feeding aluminium coil through a forming machine on board our vehicles. This allows us to create up to 35 meters of continuous & bespoke lengths of gutter, without the need for a join.


With minimal joins, a wide selection of colours and internally hung brackets, it is a high end, effective and durable product yet still competitvely priced. 


In short, there is no other aluminium gutter system that is as cost effective and efficent than a seamless system. 


Our aluminium systems carry a manufactuer guarantee and BBA agreement certificate 93/2918. This gives us the confidence that our installations can be guaranteed for 20 years. Which we of course, pass on to the end user :)



Seamless aluminium gutters v PVC

Gutters4u aluminium guttering system  





 Seamless Gutter Profile and Dimesions 


 Domestic 5"/130mm  



Perfect for most residential properties, yet still hold three times the volume of water than its PVC counterpart.


                                                                                                                                     Commercial 6"/152.8mm      


                                                                                                                                                                Available for larger roof spans, projecting tiles, commercial and public buildings such as schools and hospitals.







Why we won't install PVC guttering


PVC guttering is sectional, making it not only time consuming to install but suseptible to a number of problem over time.


These are:


Leaking joints, constriction and expansion. PVC wears quickly in harsh weather conditions and fades within 1-2 years.

It is also affected adversely by hot and cold weather, causing the material to expand, shrink and become brittle. All of which results in joins becoming vulnerable.


With an ever changing enviroment, in the UK we now experience many more flash floods and heavy down pours. Predicted seasonal rainfall is a thing of the past. 


The majority of PVC systems can't cope with heavy downpours and are prone to 'fill and spill' 


Our smallest seamless alternative holds three times the volume of water than it's PVC counterpart.


Lastly, the access costs created in needing to get to failing joins can outway the cost of a repair or replacement. We will only ever install systems built to last.



More reasons to go seamless


1. Enviromental and sustainability factors



Our aluminium coils come from a manufacturer that uses hydro-generated power to supply its processing facilites, creating virtually no CO2 emissions.


Coils are made from 85% recycled aluminium and are delivered to us in compostable cardboard packaging. 


Aluminium is 97% recylable, and can be commercially reycled at the end of it's useful life, without the loss of metal quality or properties.


This aside, our planet is becoming warmer. Extreme weather changes are replacing seasonal weather. Seamless systems will not warp in the height of summer and have the ability to cope with flash downpours,




2. Choose from nine powder coated colours 


Black RAL 9005




Antharacite grey RAL 7016



Slate Grey RAL 7015



Dusty Grey RAL 7037



Ivory RAL 9001



Brown RAL 8017



Cool Brown BS 08B29



White RAL 9016



Bottle Green RAL 6009



3. Options on gutter paint finishes are








4. Options on gutter componenets



5. Flush fixed using 


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