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Concrete Gutter Liners / Valleys and Capping

Finlock or concrete gutters have a history of failing! Why?.....The gutter is built across the cavity of the wall causing both interior and exterior damage when they leak.
Other companies apply bitumin to failing concrete gutters, this is a quick fix, and like flat roofing has a short lifespan. Some offer a complete replacement service. This is extemely costly, and unnecessary! PVC sectional guttering is installed as a replacement. This to prone to leaks and failure too, over time.


Gutters4u have the solution!

We line your failing concrete gutters with one continuous length of aluminium, profiled to fit your gutters perfectly! 


Our peace of mind pacakage.

As part of the installation service, we offer a FREE 20 year guarantee. The material used is already backed by our manfacturers. This is because the powder coated aluminium has an expected lifespan that will exceed 20 years. It will not chip, crack, fade, split or warp like other lining systems.

As well as this peace of mind, we will uphold a promise to return to replace joint failure, as part of our guarantee. It's important that the newley installed liners are kept free of deris from the roof in order to maintain the efficentcy of the system. Unblocking debris would be a chargeable service. Seal replacemnet will always be covered within the terms of your written guarantee.




Check out testmonials from our happy customers. Gutters4u are also happy to provide details of  completed installations in yoour area, with the permission of the owner/occupier.


concrete gutter lining


Finlock and Valley Liners


Finlock Gutter liners offer long a lasting solution for leaking concrete gutters

Leaking Concrete Gutter?  The Solution Gutter Lining

Why not add our painting service to your concrete gutters to give the perfect finish?




We can install in one complete section any shape and length, as long as the total width does not exceed 15 inches or 38.1 cm


Yes, as long as the tiles are not cemented. If this is the case, we line to the maxiumum height of the back upstand. The liner will lip over the front fascia too!


Not necessarily, we can seal each end of the liner to keep you water tight. 


We use external water resistant silicone sealants and fibrous paint. Covered by our 20 year guarantee!


Yes, as long as both installations can take place on the same day. It is always beneifcial to have the liners fitted across both properties in one length, as it minimises 'joins' in the system.


Yes, if you are able to  provide the measurements of the length of the gutters, provide your postal code, and answer a few quick questions. We can e-mail you with a formal quote on the same day! All quotes provided are sent with a PDF detailing the process of installation, aftercare advice, and the terms of our guarantee.


Usually no longer than one day, dependant on the size.


No, we just need access.



No, the vast majority of properties with concrete gutters are located in 'clusters'. 95% of concrete gutters remain, with liners fitted to combat the problems of absorbtion and leaking. If this kind of damage were caused by lining, we would see the vast majority of concrete gutters removed.  There are situations wherby removal is the best option, however it is only necessary if the concrete gutter has sagged in the center and the water can no longer flow to the rainwater pipe. This only happens if the gutters have never been maintained or lined over a long period of time.


Upon completion and receipt of payment.


In this case we would recommend that we install a rainwater pipe to your property. This will stop your gutters filling up, due to thier blockages. 



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