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Profiled aluminium liners for failing concrete gutters also known as finlock guttering


Finlock or concrete gutters have a history of failing. For this reason they are no longer installed, and are classed as a design flaw.



How we approach the problem:


Aluminium liners-profiled on location to fit perfectly within the existing gutter


We press a continuous length of aluiminium-on location- and line your failing concrete gutters. The made to measure aluminium liner sits perfectly within the existing gutter profile.


The material we use is BBA approved and powder coated on both sides. It will not chip, crack, flake, expand or constrict during changing weather conditions. 


We offer a 20 year guarantee on the material and installation. This means as well as a manufactuer guarantee, we will also uphold a promise to return and replace joint failure, within this period free of charge. 



Why do they fail?

The nature of concrete makes it an absorbant product. Over time the finlock blocks can become saturated and heavy, or dislodged by lack of sufficent support during window replacement. As a result sections begin to drop. This causes the joins to dislodge, rendering them inaffective.


A combination of saturated finlock blocks alongside joint failure will lead to both external and internal damp problems. Water ingress to the property is common place, as the finlock blocks rest across the cavity of the wall.





The images above illustrate how the concrete/finlock gutters rest within the structure of the building and where we install the once piece aluminium liner in order to combat water ingress. Our liners, as a minimum will cover the length of your roofline in one continous length of aluminium. We can use the same method to install across multiple properties, without the need for a join inbetween. 

What options are available to me to combat my gutter problem? I am being sold various ways to deal with them.


Option 1:


'The quick fix'
The most common method of sealing attempts that we find on arrival, is the application of bitumin or fiberglass to failing concrete gutters. This is a quick fix and has a short lifespan. Over time repeat applications build up and reduce the overall volume of water the roofline can hold. Coupled with blockages and or lack of rainwater pipes, you may be back to sqaure one with the damp issues as the gutters 'fill and spill', a visual of of this is shown below. 




The front lip of the concrete gutter is usually lower than the back, allowing water to spill over the front should they become excessively full. In cases wherby the front lip is higher, the gutters can expell backwards. Aluminium liners eliminate this issue as they are between 0.7-0.9mm thick and do not reduce capacity. 


Option 2:



The second is the installation of rubber/EPDM liners. This would fall within the bracket of a mid-term remedy. We have looked into installing this system. The pliable nature would make it an easier system for us to fit however; we found that the 10 year guarantee we could offer for this product, coupled with the same cost as aluminium to us to install, it just didnt make logical sense. The nature of the product means changing weather conditions can cause it to split at any point. We often find them ripped, lifted where they overlap, worn or pecked by birds. Opting for an aluminium lining system, eliminates these problems.   




The image above illustrates how rubber liners can lift in area's where they overlap, such as corners or around outlets to the rainwater pipe. 


Option 3:


Our solutionBespoke aluminium liners, profiled on site


We press a continuous length of aluiminium-on location- and line your failing concrete gutters. The made to measure aluminium liner sits perfectly within the existing gutter profile.


The material we use is BBA approved and powder coated on both sides. It will not chip, crack, flake, expand or constrict during changing weather conditions. It also carries a manfacturer guarantee of 20 years, with a life expectancy in excess of 30.




We offer a 20 year guarantee on the material and installation. This means we will uphold a promise to return and replace joint failure, within this period free of charge. 


As we profile on site, we can deal with an array of profile shapes and sizes. The liners can also we fitted in vast lengths across multiple properties.



Check out a before and after reel of our work on the instagram link below: 






Option 4:


'Complete removal- the most costly'

A complete replacement service. This is the most costly of the options available and 99.9% of the time completely unnecessary.

If this option is being sold to you as the only one, every care should be taken to ensure you are getting the best advice on the options available to you. 


Removal is only required if the concrete has dropped to a point whereby the rainwater can no longer escape via the down pipe. or, if the gutter has become compromised by excessive layers of bitumen or liquid lining. Should we discover this, we would recommend you explore the removal option. 


When obtaining quotes for combating the problems associtaed with concrete gutters, we would recommend that you compare the cost of each option available, alongside the long gevity of the system. A good way to do this is to divide the cost of the service being offered to you by the length of the guarantee supplied by the company.


What sets Gutters4u apart from other companies? 


We can wholeheartedly guarantee that you will not suffer any scaremongering, nasty invoice shocks, cold calling, hard selling or absurd APR finance offers with us.


We hope you will look into our work, our history and customer reviews... and choose us on merit. 




Our peace of mind package.


As part our installation service, we offer a FREE 20 year guarantee. The material used is already backed by our manfacturers for 20 years, with a life expectancy in excess of 30. This is because the the material has under gone vigorous checks and is BBA approved, which means we can be certain that it will not chip, crack, fade, split or warp like other lining systems.


In addition to this, we will uphold a promise to return to replace joint failure, as part of our guarantee.


We will repair joint failure under any circumstance regardless of the condition the gutters are found in, but do advise that

it is important to keep any gutter system free of deris in order to maintain the efficiency of the system. This would also apply tothe rainwater pipe(s). Unblocking debris in order to access and repair seals, would be a chargeable service.    


Upholding our guarantees:

Our company policy is to keep our customers, water tight, informed and happy with our services.

We have numerous reviews across our social media platforms and take our reputation and customer engagement seriously.

Unlike the other guys, we respond to every call and make any return visits that might be required, as important as new custom.   


Our Return Policy, is to attend on the first available dry day, upon the report of a problem.



For the full package

Why not add our painting service to your installation? It will improve the look of the roofline and illimate those water marks!


Frequently asked questions.....


Can you make an aluminium liner to fit any shape and length?

Our aluminium is available to a selection of widths. Most domestic properties fall into the bracket of the smallest width. These liners are 15" wide. Larger liners are availble and slit to order. 


Does the liner sit beneath the roof tiles?

Yes, as long as the tiles are not cemented. If this is the case, we line to the maxiumum height of the back upstand. The liner will lip over the front fascia too.


I live in a terraced house, do my neighbours need there gutters lining too?

Not necessarily, we can seal each end of the liner to keep you water tight. 


How do you seal the ends or the corners?

We use external water resistant silicone sealants, fixings and fibrous paint. Sealing up is 4 layer process above and below the liner. The full installation is covered by our 20 year guarantee! This means we uphold a promise to return and repair joint failure over this period free of charge. Regular clearing and unblocking of the gutters lengthens the lifesapn of the seals.


Will I get a discount if my neighbours have a liner installed too?

Yes, as long as both installations can take place on the same day. It is always beneifcial to have the liners fitted across both properties in one length, as it minimises 'joins' in the system.


I share a ranwater pipe with my neighbour, thier gutters are not well maintained, what can I do?

In this case we would recommend that we install a rainwater pipe to your property. This will stop your gutters filling up, due to thier blockages. 


Can I get a quote over the phone?

Yes, if you are able to provide the full address, some images, and answer a few quick questions. We can e-mail you with a formal quote on the same day! All quotes provided are sent with a PDF detailing the process of installation, aftercare advice, and the terms of our guarantee.


How long does the work take?

Usually no longer than one day, dependant on the size (and the great British weather)


Do I have to wait in whilst the work is carried out?

Most prefer to be at home whilst work is underway, but if you can't be- we just need access. In this instance our team take before and after pictures to illustrate the work that has been performed and our office will forward them to straight to you.


l have been told by a concrete gutter removal company that lining with aluminium damages the concrete, is this the case?


No, the vast majority of properties with concrete gutters are located in 'clusters'. 95% of concrete gutters remain, with liners fitted to combat the problems of absorbtion and leaking. If this kind of damage were caused by lining, we would see the majority of concrete gutters removed. 


There are situations wherby removal is the best option, however it is only necessary if the concrete gutter has sagged in the center and the water can no longer flow to the rainwater pipe.

This generally only happens if the gutters have not been maintained (or lined) over a long period of time.

If excessive sagging is discovered during the quotation stage (or on arrival for installation) we would recommend that the lining service is not performed and that the removal option be explored.


When will I receive my 20 year guarantee?

Upon completion and following receipt of payment in full for our services.


What does the guarantee cover?


Chargeable services on a return visit include:


Our company policy is to always have chargeable work agreed prior to performing it.


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