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Cost Comparison: Seamless aluminium V uPVC


Let’s weigh up the cost of Seamless Aluminium Gutters Versus Deep Flow PVC Ogee.


The features and benefits of our seamless roof lines are detailed within the guttering page on our website. We wanted to illustrate the cost comparisons of the seamless system, to its closest PVC counterpart. The calculations should provide a clear example of why we will only install aluminium rooflines.


Let’s take the following example:


20 linear meters of PVC deep flow Ogee with brackets, stop ends and one outlet, including labour and sealants versus the same in seamless aluminium.


On average, the PVC installation may cost in the region of £270.00. The same in aluminium will be closer to £400.


Now let’s look at the life expectancy and guarantees….


The PVC will come with a 10 year guarantee (on the product only, not the installation). This installation will cost you on average £27 per year.


With a PVC system, you will need to be prepared for the product to become brittle over time, it can be prone to crack and constrict due to warm weather, joint failure due to changes in the material and colour fade.


The aluminium comes with a 20 year guarantee and a life expectancy that exceeds 30 years in a rural locations, and 20 years in marine conditions. The guarantee is for the product and the installation.


·         Based on 20 years (coastal areas), it will cost you £20 per year

·         Based on 30 years (rural/city areas), it will cost you £13.33 per year


The powder coated aluminium voids all of the problems associated with PVC and the minimal joins (corners and ends only) vastly reduce the risk of leaking years down the line. Better still, the colour will look the same in 20/30 years, as the day it was fitted!


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