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Sustainability and the recycling properties of aluminium


Here at Gutters4u Ltd we only install aluminium rooflines. Here we focus on the effect aluminium has on our planet…

Aluminium is arguably the most sustainable building material in the world and is also highly recyclable.


When the old Wembley Stadium was demolished 96% of the aluminium was reclaimed and recycled. The recycling process creates high quality aluminium which loses none of the physical properties of primary aluminium.


Recycling aluminium uses just 5% of the energy it takes to create primary aluminium. This is why aluminium in generally regarded as the world’s most sustainable building material.


The current trend in environmental policies focuses in the main on sustainability and the recyclable credentials of building materials.


Aluminium is the third most abundant material on earth, after oxygen and silicon….making up 8% of the earths' crust. The current reserves are estimated to last for at least 400 years without factoring in recycling! As aluminium is endlessly recyclable these reserves become in effect, inexhaustible.


We are all aware of the environmental factors involved and that these credentials are set play an increasingly larger role in the industry as these trends continue.


We are committed to working with our suppliers and customers in use of sustainable resources and the promotion of the sustainable credentials of aluminium rainwater goods.


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